Suit Vests for Any Occasion

Suit vests are a versatile piece of clothing accessory that can be worn at almost any occasion depending upon the combination of clothing that compliments this outer fitter. Although it was primarily designed to be worn with a suit, the latest fashion trends point to a number of combinations like wearing a crisp white shirt with a black fleece vest and dark blue denim. If you are wearing a vest you would look neatly dressed and would seem that you have employed greater care and diligence while dressing than you have actually done.

Hottest Mens Suit Vests

Suit vests are available in different styles and designs and depending on the occasion, you must choose the right one. Here are some simple dressing tips with vests that would make you look elegant and stylish at the same time.

Find The Best Suit Vests For Men

How to dress up with suit vests

  • Choose a vest that fits in properly with your body type. If you are of slender type, go for vests with a slim waist. If you have a wide waistline or a large tummy, then choose the vest that gives space for a larger waistline. When you go shopping, try different sizes and then determine which one accentuates the particular body type you belong to.
  • Suit vests for men are available in different types like quilted, micro-fleece, tactical, nylon and more and you choose the ones depending upon your clothing combination and what kind of look you want to impart like formal, casual, bold or militaristic.


Grey Suit Vests For Women

  • Suit vests for women are also available in different styles and designs and you can choose a frock coat or a jacket over the vest or simply wear it with shirts and trousers. Women wearing vests with denim jeans would look semi casual and you can wear it in an informal party or a simple social gathering.
  • Boys suit vests are also very fashionable and they can be worn with a coat or simple over a tee-shirt and jeans. Depending upon the occasion for which you are dressing your child, you choose the right attire that would gracefully compliment the vest.


Popular Boys Suit Vests

  • For a more formal occasion like outdoor wedding or a business meet, wear a three piece suit with a vest. If it is hot outside, you can remove the blazer and still look polished and elegant. A grey suit with a white oxford shirt, red tie and a black fleece vest would look great.
  • You can look more polished yet casual when you go for a date with a dark colored shirt, light colored vest and denim jeans. You can also opt for embroidered vest with a printed shirt for a more casual meeting but take care the print on the shirt gracefully compliments the embroidered pattern on the vest.
  • If you are thinking of visiting an art gallery or a seminar go for pin stripe shirt with a cream colored vest and dark wash jeans. You can wear a silver colored tie and black sneakers to complete your attire.

Vests for any occasion

Suit vests are a versatile piece of outer fitter that can grace any occasion that you are planning to be a part of.