Choosing the Right Color for Your Dress Shirts

Wearing dress shirts make you look great and make other people to respect you. However, not all the shirts can give you such a look because you need to choose the one that fits you well. Among all other considerations the most important factor that you must put into account is the color of your custom dress shirts. As you choose the best colors for your shirt consider the following.

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Your Complexion

Your skin color is a very crucial factor that you must put into account as you shop for your dress shirts. If you have light complexion, shirts that are a bit darker in color are the most effective and vice versa. Choosing the colors that are contrast your complexion allows for good matching that will make you stand among many other people. However, as a man it is advisable to avoid shirts with too bright colors because they are mostly associated with women, thus may make you look a bit odd.

Weather Conditions

Most people tend to ignore prevailing weather conditions as they buy mens dress shirts. If you are buying shirts to wear during the cold winter season, ensure that you buy those with darker colors so that they can give you a bit warm, because they have the ability to absorb heat. On the other hand, avoid such shirts during the hot weather conditions because they will cause a lot of discomfort to you because of the absorbed heat. Shirts with brighter colors are more appropriate in such situations because they will reflect the heat, thus keeping you cool amid the hot weather conditions.


Different types of dress shirts are appropriate for different occasions. The color of your dress shirt must match the occasion you are attending. If you are attending an occasion where you must look like other guests, you must buy shirts of the same colors as the others. For wedding parties, bright colored shirts fit such joyful occasions. Avoid dull shirts during occasions because they may make you look dull too in the eyes of other attendants.

Match with Other Outfits

Even if you wear a very expensive shirt that fails to match other outfits you are wearing, no one will notice you because it will just look normal. Therefore, you must ensure that your dress shirt matches other clothes you are wearing. For instance, if you are wearing a black suit and black shoes, a white or red shirt will offer the best match for such an outfit. If you are the kind of a person who like wearing suit vests the shirt you wear should also match their colors. If you wear a white vest suit, a black or any other dark colored shirt will be more appropriate.

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Every person has his or her own dressing style or code. As you shop for dress shirts for men, consider your dressing style in order to maintain your identity. If you like wearing stripped shirts or plain colored ones that is what you need to buy to ensure you do not go against your style, taste or preferences.